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Getting Started with Machine Learning – Data Science. 08.10.2019 08:00 Uhr , Christoph Sauer. Nachdem ich im ersten Teil meines Artikels auf die Plattform Kaggle, Explorative Datenanalyse, Feature Engineering und Data Cleansing eingegangen bin, möchte ich in diesem Artikel beschreiben, wie man einen Machine Learning Algorithmus auswählt, Parameter optimiert und ein Modell erstellt ... The flexible model will cause overfitting due to our small sample size. The relationship between the predictors and response is highly non-linear.The distance between the performance is a good indicator of overfitting. Please be aware that the training performance is always a bit better because the model was trained on these data. But if the distance between these two performances gets too big, you should think about using more regularization in your model.